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Fuel Supplies

Useful Information Regarding Fuel Supplies

Solid Fuel Selector

Solid Fuel Selector

Download our solid fuel selector here. This helps you select the appropriate solid fuel for your application. It is intended as a guide only and we highly recommend seeking professional assistance with your selection from your local approved coal merchant, or consult your appliance guide/appliance manufacturer.

For more detailed information on each solid fuel see our products page or call us to discuss which solid fuel is most appropriate for your requirements.
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Smokeless fuels

Get the best from your fuel

There a number of things to keep in mind to get the very best from your fuel, from correctly lighting to the proper removal of ash. Read our guide to getting the most out of your solid fuel to find out more:

Smokeless fuels are some of the most efficient fuels available in the UK. When lit properly they can produce high heats and long burning times, with very little damaging emissions when compared to house coal.
To light smokeless fuels in an open fire or appliance you simply need to create a small combustion chamber within your fire. Add two firelighters and surround with kindling, before placing a layer of smokeless fuel on top. Light the firelighters and ensure that the boiler damper (if applicable) is closed and the draft regulator open. Once the fire has taken off you can add more fuel to create a deep fire bed and adjust the draught regulator until you reach your desired burning rate.

We would always recommend that you use a fireguard with any open fire, particularly if children or pets are present.

Ash Removal
Carefully removing ash from your fire will help you to increase the efficiency of your fuel. If the ash pan is already full before starting, make sure you carefully remove ash from the fire using a ‘tippy’ container. Make sure that the ash is not touching the underside of the fire bars, as this may reduce the performance of your fuel. Make sure that you remove ash carefully to avoid breaking any burning briquettes. To do so, draw a thin poker gently from the back to the front of each fire bar.

To ensure the best results from your fuel make sure that you refuel before the fire bed gets too low. Make sure that ash is removed by gently using a poker. It’s also important to make sure the ash pan is emptied on a regular basis. Once you have refuelled to the required level you should either use the thermostat or draught regulator to ensure your fire creates the correct heat for your room.

Close down any air control and refuel to capacity with banking plate, if supplied. Then turn your fire down to a low level and ensure all doors are firmly shut. Experience will dictate how to determine the appropriate volume of fuel, and setting of fire/appliance, to achieve the desired slumbering rate.

Although many of the fuels we supply can slumber for long periods we would also recommend that you raise your appliance to full output for at least half an hour, twice a day, in order to maintain high efficiency levels.
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